Sunday, 31 December 2006

Last few pic's for 2006!

Hopefully they'll speak for themselves...Christmas in Sweden, the good old traditional way!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Sunday, 17 December 2006

Francesco aka Ciccio aka one of my two flatmates

Dog in Borough Market on a Saturday morning

01:09 at London Bridge station

Eeva in a hat, which she has kindly donated to me!

Some Guinness, a squat party in Limehouse with Neil and then a looong walk home

02:42 outside Katharine's window

Fly agaric mushroom in Epping Forest

I think Jane slipped something into my drink that night in The Dove...

9 shots of Hugh on the couch

Bonfire night in Victoria Park

Sunday, 10 December 2006

My brothers wedding...

1. The groom pissing himself
2. Fellow snapper Mattias
3. A new dad on a wedding (note walkie-talkie).
4. Dad and me

Who da man...?

...Hugh da man! Plus me and hairy faced woman from Serbia.

The wonderful Jamie T... at the 12 Bar Club. Also, flies in the pint glass in the gents of said establishment, and pregnant woman waiting for a night bus at Liverpool Street station.

Pizza crust tower... friends birthday party dinner in Angel.

New Creation Records signing Tobias Froberg playing in front of appx. 13 people in Downstairs @ King's Head in Crouch End. He's best mates with Jose Gonzalez, you know?

I had a nice little chat with him too, but he declined my offer of being his new official photographer. Fame does silly things to your head, eh?

On the way home from Madame Jo-Jo's...

...with Quintina and Herman.

A very sad leaving do during the summer

Cath and Charles - bon voyage!

They tried to bash in nice guy Dallas... window on Old Bethnal Green Road.

Old & new Arsenal FC

Highbury and Ashburton Grove, stitched from several frames as panoramic photos. The latter is from when I went to the 1st ever Premier League game at the new stadium. Magic, apart from the fact that we only drew 1-1 against Aston Villa.

I've got a new compact digital camera

A walk from Angel to my place in Hackney, in a beginners-style-collage. Much fun to have from my Fuji F11!
I was dealt a cack hand of wovels in a game of Scrabble with my friend Ingela at The Dove. She was in a winning position until I drew a cock aided only by my pint glass. That was the turning point, and I ended up winning the game. Maybe that means something?


OK, not much text on this blog, mainly pic's. I work as a photographer, and this blog will contain stuff from when I'm NOT at work. It might also contain work pic's, if they're bad enough.