Sunday, 30 January 2011

Kick Them Out!

Front page: A training session for Kick It Out, run by Paul Elliott MBE (far left), a legendary ex-footballer whose career was cut short by injury. © Magnus Andersson

In the age of dinosaurs sports commentators spouting sexist comments, yes Andy Gray and Richard Keys, look away now, it's always nice to get to work for the good guys on the other side of the fence, those that realise that if you want to make a difference, you have to be that difference.

Bearing in mind the sports presenter events of last week, it is with some pleasure to announce that a picture (above) which I took just over a year ago while working with Kick It Out was chosen for the front page of their latest Annual Report. The report itself was launched at the House of Lords in Westminster last month, an event which I also covered.

As a staffer on a local newspaper you end up getting a lot of front pages so the excitement tends to wear off a little, but when its through one of your own freelance contacts and you are proud to play a (albeit small) part in the important work that is being done, it feels good!

Lord Herman Ouseley chatting to my buddy Francis Nkwain and Benoit Assou-Ekotto of Tottenham Hotspur FC at the House of Lords. © Magnus Andersson

And while Kick It Out's primary concern over the last 17 years has been against racism, they have always worked against all forms of discrimination in football. Lord Herman Ouseley, Chair of Kick It Out, said: "This indicates a lack of understanding by individuals at the forefront of sports broadcasting who are revered and respected by many, and hints at wider issues about sexism in society."

Getting the Kick It Out's Annual Review 2009-10 cover was a nice ending to last years output. The ousting of a couple of old 'experts' in the new year was a bonus. Onwards 2011, kick all the bigots out! :)

Full Kick It Out Annual Report 2009-10 here.