Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Forza Ale!

© Alex Masi

My good friend and fellow photographer Alex Masi has managed to sccop a prize at the Environmental Photographer of the Year 2008 award, where he was runner up in the Quality of Life section. Congratulations, Alex! Guardian link here, BJP here.

While on the subject of competitions, there's a couple of new one's around, with decent prize money too; $30.000 and $50.000 respectively. Start preparing your folio's.


Alex Masi said...

Thank you Magnus! As I said before, very nice blog, keep it going!

Ok with the award, I am planning good things for this story. Will keep you updated. Back in London on 30th of September so let's meet up for a dinner as I only have 3 days there before going to Italy for 3 weeks to sort a few things out.



Magster said...

ok dude, looking forward to dinner!