Thursday, 5 March 2009

Sod it

Spring flowers out in the gardens of Horniman Museum, 18/02/09 © Magnus Andersson

What's the point in moping around? The blog will keep rolling, because life doesn't stop. The picture is for my friend Monica who had heard that the daffodils are out in London, here's the proof (although I'm not horticultured enough to say if that's actually a most likely isn't). This is actually from Feb 18th! Today I also noticed that the cherry trees have sprung out here as well, so spring is definitely on its way.

On Tuesday I had a great day at my old university where I did a two hour chat with the first year photojournalism students about the trials and tribulations of working for a regional paper. Nearly all of the 28-strong class turned up and nobody fell asleep which means that my old tutor Nigel is doing a fine job there! Thanks for having me, old boy and young students.

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