Friday, 3 April 2009

My new best friend - pt II

My new best friend showing his/her gratitude... © Magnus Andersson

So here's the conclusion!

If you didn't notice already, right at the end of the clip - after I have hand-fed this little bucktoothed bird - she (I'm pretty sure it is a she now, even possibly migrated from northern Ireland) tries to shit on my hand as a thank you. That's how I tend to get repaid at the moment...

As another sign of how good things are going for me at the moment, today it took me three hours to drive home from work. I was bursting for a piss! It's an 8.8 mile (14km) journey from the office to my place, but the G20 protests threw a BIG spanner in the works. Here's hoping for a better future.


Mattias Johansson said...

Själv blir jag inte alls kompis med fiskarna i kalmarsund...Jag kanske borde testa med fåglar jag också?

Magster said...

kanske det, inte lika dyrt som fiske heller, behovs bara lite gammalt brod sa kommer de... :)