Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Blog emptiness

Five year old Jemma is delighted with her catch. © Magnus Andersson

Yeah I know, its been a bit slack on here lately but it goes with the times. Its is the holiday period and there's a lot less going on in terms of interesting stories to cover. Most of the stuff we shoot at the moment tend to involve kids participating in various summer activities such as sports days, piano dissections (!), angling lessons and other soft news.

Kids taking part in a piano dissection, testing out the keys before taking the whole instrument apart. © Magnus Andersson

The interesting stuff happens on the weekends, festivals and sporting events (involving adults I might add) and those pictures are done by our freelancers...so we staffers are missing out on the fun at the moment - poor us.

Kids taking part in a football session. © Magnus Andersson

This week I'm not even taking a single picture, instead I am stuck in the office readying the images for the subeditors, but only for three days; after that I have a five-day weekend and will be back in the beginning of next week, hopefully to some juicy stories.


Mattias Johansson said...

Snart dags! Onsdag! Möts vi i Barcelona eller åker du direkt till Perpignan?

Magster said...

Saklart vi ses i Barcelona! Jag landar lite innan er sa jag tar en ol eller tva innan ni kommer...sen aker vi buss till foto paradiset!

Mattias Johansson said...

Så jävla nice!