Friday, 13 November 2009

Friday 13th

A crow flies past the war memorial at Greenwich Cemetery, where - for no apparent reason - no wreaths were laid for this years Remembrance. © Magnus Andersson

Friday some its a sign of a really bad omen, for others its good luck. To me? It's a day where I have to say that the camera on the latest iPhone is actually really decent, now that I've had some time getting used to it.

For the pixel peepers, I've left it hi-res, so click on the image to see the full Monty of what the 3Gs can do. Minor curves adjustments done.

Have a good weekend!


Polskey said...

Not too bad that i-phone, does it still take ages for the shutter to go though? I got a Sony Ericsson for it's 8MP camera but can't work out how to get the pictures off the phone...DOH! Love your blog Magnus, keep it up :)

Magster said...

Thanks Olivia! The iphone is a little slow in the release so you need a bit of luck/timing...