Sunday, 6 December 2009

Lets dip into the sea!

Diving into the Mediterranean sea, somewhere between France and Spain. © Magnus Andersson

Its gotten cold in London and when that happens, it doesn't hurt to look back at the delights from the summer just gone. Visa pour L'image was one of the highlights of the year for sure, but there was a trip inside the trip which made the whole thing extra-special:

Five Vikings in the Mediterranean. © Magnus Andersson

Canon Sweden have been along for the ride for 10 years and they decided that it was time to celebrate a decade's worth of sponsoring the event. Thank God for Canon! A bus was hired which took us down to Collioure, a small seaside town at the bottom of France, just before you get into Spain. Medieval and beautiful, we still didnt have much time there before...

Ringo Star - aka Mattias Johansson - also dipped in. © Magnus Andersson

...we got on a rented yacht which took us all the way into Spanish waters and back again, and of course we were treated to a Mediterranean feast whilst on board.

Tuckin' in on the freshest seafood on the...sea. © Magnus Andersson

Anna and her crew from Collioure served up the most amazing smorgasbord of food, most of it fresh from the sea, and only one of us Vikings felt seasick, the rest had the time of our lives. Thank you Per!

The Scandinavian Canon boys that made it all possible. Sadly they were all showcasing the Canon EOS 7D, nuff said about that camera. :) © Magnus Andersson


Mattias Johansson said...

Magnus, du man vad de här bilderna värmer i vintermörkret. Fan vad kul vi hade. Minnen som räcker hela året.
Ha det gott!

Jonas said...

Och vad är det för fel på 7D? Ingen Nikon, men i övrigt?

Magster said...

@Mattias, visst var det harligt? Ar du forresten i Vbg over jul?

@Jonas, 7D kommentaren var mest menad som en pik mot Canon-Per, det ar ju faktiskt en ganska bra kamera trots att en del fotografer har varit ganska missnojda med den.