Sunday, 17 January 2010

50% off?

Crashed double decker bus in Balham earlier in the week, with a nice little advert on the side. © Magnus Andersson

2010 is upon us and it has been a slow news year in London so far, not much to report. The terrible events in Haiti have been harrowing though and the images coming out of there are shocking. Here's a collection of images from CNN, but be aware that it contains graphic content. See it here, and please donate even just a little bit to the aid agencies, local or international.

As for the picture above, this happened on Thursday in Balham. Initial rumours said that it was a hijacked bus, but in the end it had an much easier explanation. The driver was still on the scene when we got there so we had a chat with him. Luckily no one was injured as he was on his way to the depot, but his response was classic: 'I normally drive a single decker bus'. Fail!


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laget ar alltid fint pa en fredag kvall! hur e det i kaalmaaaar?