Thursday, 8 April 2010

Are you up to the job?

Pat, 71, has arthritis, she's had two strokes and her upper colon removed. She struggles to get up/down the stairs in the high rise where she lives. She claims Southwark council are refusing to re-house her. © Magnus Andersson

Eventually it has been decided; our outgoing photographer Rob Logan will be replaced. Hallelujah! (And I don't mean that in a bad sense, Rob will be sorely missed, I am just pleasantly surprised that management decided to replace him rather than cut his position altogether).

That means that we will have a vacancy for a full time photojournalist at South London Press very soon. Kit, car and company phone included.

For technical reasons the job won't be advertised out there for another week or so, but when it happens it will be on HoldTheFrontPage, so keep your eyes peeled. Alternatively hit me in the comments if you are interested. Qualified PJ's only.

Tell your friends.



I live in Sydenham, south London. Have years of experience. Don't need big salary. Would prefer not to have to travel much beyond London for work anymore. Have video skills.

Annalisa said...

This sounds really good. I recently graduated from an MA in photojournalism at the University of Westminster.
is there an email address where I can send some more details? in the meantime, this is my website, under construction but something is up there. also, i'm having a show coming up next week, opens on wedn the 14th, on till sun 18th of april at the foundry in old street. that would be a nice opportunity for a chat. contact details are on my website, i hope to hear back from you.
many thanks

Magster said...

Paul & Annalisa, thx for your interest. As the position isn't formally advertised yet I would advice on getting a CD portfolio + CV ready. Once it's on holdthefrontpage you can get in touch again.