Saturday, 26 March 2011

Power to the people

Earlier today we went on the TUC organised March for the Alternative in central London. My fiancé (who works for Camden council) and me tried to find the NUJ section but finding anyone in this crowd was difficult. I ran into three SLP colleagues but quickly lost them again. No wonder when there have been reports of up to 500.000 people attending the event. Good show!

We went along to show our support for the people who have already lost their jobs because of this Con-Dem government, and for those that are fighting to keep theirs, and for the future generations of children who can no longer afford university, for the people who might not get proper health care and to show our outrage at the bankers getting bonuses while the rest of us paid with our tax money to fix their problems, etc etc etc. Hey David Cameron, if you ever wanted to see a big society, look now.

As I write this, the 24-hour news channels are busy repeating the incidents caused by a few idiots who took the opportunity to cause havoc in London under the guise of The March for the Alternative, rather than focusing on the enormous amount of people who marched happily and peacefully, unified against this unholy coalition government.

With that in mind, I'd rather share some 'ordinary' images from the march as it was perceived by the majority. Power to the people!

All images © Magnus Andersson

PS. For a little extra flavour you can check out my earlier live feed from today here.

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