Thursday, 31 January 2008

That's not cricket

For the second day running I have worked overtime and without time to stop for something to eat, anger levels are rising. Its been compounded by the fact that my car has problems, the front radiator is leaking and if it dont get fixed the engine will I arranged for the garage to come and pick it up, -No problems, they said. After 30mins they called and said they couldnt do it, could I drop it off instead? Sure, but how will I get around after that? I had to get a cab from Wimbledon to Streatham Hill in rush hour (1 hour, about 4 miles) and then pick up a pool car that doesnt have a parking permit for where I live. Pants!!!

Picture: This is the secretary and his canine caddie of the Royal Blackheath Golf Club, England's oldest golf club, about to celebrate the 400th anniversary of tory bandy, making an approach shot for the 18th.

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