Monday, 11 February 2008

Coming soon...

I bought some new software, and have been busy learning how to create my first audio slideshow. I basically shoot the job as normal, and walk around with a portable mp3-recorder to pick up environmental sounds and snippets of conversation/interviews in order to give a more three-dimensional feel of the job. Its a lot more work than you'd first think to create one or two minutes of audio slideshow - I've had to learn some basic audio editing as well - but its quite rewarding when you're done. It's going up as soon as I've figured out how to post it on the blog.

Picture: Brixton lad Tyrone, 19, got fed up with seeing friends being killed in gang warfare and taught himself how to produce video. He has now produced a DVD documenting young people's views on where they live and what they could be doing. Photographed outside The Ritzy, Brixton.

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