Friday, 15 February 2008

Its finally arrived!

When you work for a newspaper you sometimes end up taking pictures which might be of interest to other publications as well. These pix can either be exclusives, where you're the only one with images from an event, or they can be from jobs where a client might want some pictures, they just cant be bothered to send out a photographer of their own to do it again (or do it as good as the first time, I'd like to believe...). Well, I shot something - which will go unnamed - last March, a magazine got in touch, we agreed a price and I emailed the pictures and the invoice, they published it a few weeks later. Normal practice is to pay within one month. Not so with this company...after several emails and telephone conversations, nothing had happened. Last week I threatened to take them to court, and lo and behold, today I finally received my cheque - nearly a year after it was due! Safe to say that they will have to pay a bit more if they want anything in the future.

Picture: Today I met up with new mum Paulette. She was one of the first people to be involved in a new scheme at King's Hospital where mums donate blood from the umbilical cord to help treat people with leukaemia. The cord in question here was the one connecting Paulette and her (now) 20 week-old son Ethan, seen here. If she wants any pictures, she can have them for free!

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