Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Today has been messed up. I had a job in Brixton at 15:45, which finished at 16:00, then walked back to the car and tried to be in Woolwich for 17:00. If you have a quick look at the map its less than 9 miles, so given that we have a 30mph speed limit it should take about 20min, maximum. I arrived just before 17:30, nearly 1.5 hours after setting off. That's the London rush hour for you.

Anyway, the reason I was rushing to get there was local tip-off saying that the rats in Woolwich town centre are the most active at this time, and I came armed with half a sandwich which I denied myself from lunch. After 45min and no sandwich left there was still no sign of these rats so I gave up, because Woolwich town centre after dark is NOT a place you want to be standing around with a massive camera kit on display.

Picture: from a successful animal shoot; this is Lyre, part of the family known as peregrine falcons, the fastest - and in my mind - the most beautiful animals on the planet.

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