Tuesday, 11 March 2008

The chief has left us

Our chief photographer has been mentioned here before, and he has now left us for a round-the-world trip, so bon voyage, Simon! The bad news is that he wont be replaced! Instead the people at the top figured they'll replace him with yet another senior photographer (which now makes three of us), meaning that we'll be without a manager, or at least one with photographic experience, so its not looking too good. Jobs will invariably be missed, the diary will be messed up, we'll be overworked and morale will go down, and what's more, it has shut the door in our faces in terms of furthering our careers at this newspaper. Oh, well, there's plenty more titles out there. Job seekers of the world, unite and leave ship.

Picture: From a freelance job I did for BBC Radio a couple of weeks ago, documenting interviews in a care home which caters mainly for Asian elders - within the Asian community there is a huge stigma to put your parents into a care home.

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