Sunday, 16 March 2008

Away from the city with Elks

We left London behind for a relaxing time out in the country, and I couldnt have been any happier. Combining a bit of photography for a friends' band and then some sightseeing; sounded ideal. Best laid plans...

Some map reading problems meant we took a detour of appx. 45 miles (72 km) leaving us off, waaay off schedule. Nevertheless, we found our B&B, a place which I can highly recommend, especially seeing as they have just achieved their 5* rating, and then we set off for the main reason for this impromptu trip: Elks!

Recording music is difficult at the best of times, and entering such an atmosphere trying to photograph it is even worse. Luckily, Guy, who runs the studio is a very agreeable man, and Elks are likewise, so apart from shit light in the studio and a lot of stress within the band of getting things back on track, there wasnt much stress!

In the end I shot some frames on Saturday afternoon/evening, and then we came back on Sunday morning. I think I have enough in the can to save the venture, but next time I would like to have some more time and some more light at my expense, please. It would have been nice to see a bit of Kent as well.

Anyway, picture: A possible cover, but Elks will have final say, so keep checking their label.

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