Tuesday, 18 March 2008

More (little) big hitters

I'm developing a slight boxing theme here, but I spent last Friday night in Rotherhithe covering a boxing event. Shooting sports is something which we sadly dont get to do very often, especially as the big clubs in our patch - Charlton, Crystal Palace, Millwall etc - have their own photographers, which send in their photographs free of charge.

I loved shooting this one though, and it was put on by a local boxing club in a school hall. Drinks were served for the adults and it didnt take long before they started to behave like a crowd in Vegas, baying for blood.

However, it was only when I was leaving that I started fearing for my life, there was about 20-30 youths outside smoking weed and drinking, and they all knew I was the photographer with all the kit in there. I was thinking I would get robbed, seriously. Trying to look cool, I strode past them as best as I could with my camera bag and lighting kit, and hey presto, I made it to my car in one piece, so in celebrating being alive - still - here's a slide show from the event.

Picture: Bradley Mitchell (blue helmet) delivering a perfect body shot on Oscar Browne.

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