Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Hanging with the mob

Alex and Dani drinking and eating. Duh! © Magnus Andersson

Another night out, I cant wait for tomorrow to end as I will have an extended weekend on my hands, so that I can sleep properly.

But tonight was good, I was out with three talented (Italian-mob-connected) individuals whom I happened to go to university with, so you better click on their pages, or you'll be sleeping with the fishes!

Sara managed to creep away after 10 minutes, so she's not captured, but Alex told us about life in India and at WpN, and Dani kept it real by chasing a firetruck in the middle of our beer drinking session at The Foundry.

Dani coming back from chasing London's finest. © Magnus Andersson

The Foundry happens to be one of the first bars I went to some 11 years ago when I first arrived in London, and I still come back for more. Nuff said.

Plug: check Alex's and Dani's job on squatters in London. V good. Follow the link on Alex's page that says 'watch multimedia slideshow' (or similar)


Dani said...

Great post Magnus, and inspiring rendezvous last night...check my blog, you won't be bale to say that I don't listen to suggestions.


Magster said...

well done, dude. more updates please!