Friday, 4 July 2008

Quiz time

© Magnus Andersson

I remember my photojournalist tutor at LCC, Nigel Tanburn, once telling us that if we ever get the chance to photograph this particular person, its well worth trying to get a close up of his hand.

Why? Because he is a particularly bad nail biter. Well, the other day I got to within two metres of him during an interview, so I whipped out the 80-200 and zoomed in. Now to the quiz: who is this man?

Post your answer in the comments box. The winner earns her/himself a drink on me. No cheating.

Now I'm off to a BBQ with Nigel himself plus his former students.


Sara said...

Gooooooordon Brown!

Magster said...

now that is cheating! you were there when nigel told us! drinks are on you!