Friday, 24 October 2008

Denied treatment

© Magnus Andersson Luke and his mom Nicola, moments before he tears of his obligatory oxygen supply, which took his mum 20 mins to apply.

This is Luke, he is 5 years old and suffers from Down's syndrome. He cant walk or talk like a 'normal' 5-year-old. Not that his mum Nicola would treat him any different. When she was told about his condition the GP said 'I'm sorry to tell you but he has Down's..." Her response was - Sorry for what? He is still my child no matter what!

© Magnus Andersson Nicola tries her best to apply the much-needed oxygen mask - a daily struggle which takes 20 mins. Within 5 mins Luke has ripped it off his face because to him, the tape needed to hold it in place hurts his skin.

Ever since then she has faced numerous obstacles in bringing him up, including reducing her sleeping pattern to a maximum of 3-4 hours per day as Luke is dependant on having additional oxygen 24 hours a day (as applied by his totally devoted mum Nicola).

She's also suffered people's ignorance in the street when they accuse her of mistreating her son for 'forcing' him to wear one of two oxygen masks. Her life revolves only around Luke. Luckily she gets help from her own mum Linda, but its still a massive sacrifice that she makes.

© Magnus Andersson Nicola consoles Luke after he (successfully) ripped off the more efficcient oxygen mask, which was replaced by this one.

Did she get upset when she learned that Luke's consultant - who had deemed him fit for a crucial injection that would benefit his health enormously - was replaced by a new consultant who simply said no? You bet she did.

© Magnus Andersson Mum Nicola kisses her son after he gets exhausted of switching oxygen supply.

Nicola reckons she is just one of many mum's in similar situations where their childs' health is jeopardised by the economy of health care politics.


Mattias Johansson said...

Bra jobbat Magnus!
Sannerligen en hjältinna du träffat.
Ha det bra.

Magster said...

tackar tackar. men visst saknar du val tidnings jobben nu nar du 'bara' ar helg arbetare? antar att du kan ta kidsen till jobbet oftare, alltid en bonus!

Mattias Johansson said...

Hej igen Magnus,

jo visst saknar man det ibland, men nu är det jobb åt DN, Svenska Dagbladet, expressen och aftonbladet istället och det är ju kul det också.
Och jag gillar reklamandet, det är gladare miner i den branschen, alltid skoj och stim. Men det kräver ju lite mer av en också. Har man en dålig dag måste man prestera max ändå och det är ju lite pressande förstås. Men rock on säger jag och står på...
Ha det bäst!

Magster said...

och har satt jag och tyckte synd om reklamaren, ha ha. asbra att du lyckas jobba med de storre tidningarna ocksa. rock on, baby.