Wednesday, 15 October 2008

"Sometimes I rhyme, sometimes I dont"

No picture today, becuase I need to moan.

As implied in the title of this post, sung by Jeff Tweedy of Wilco (easily the best band in the world), on 'Woodgrain', I have been out of sorts lately. I've had another birthday, terror, shock, yes, a big one.

But there's also been some trouble at work which has really put me back. Its affecting my photography, its affecting my sleep and its affecting this blog.

The story is so long that I cant tell it all here, but it relates to my pension payments which were supposed to go into my account since 2006. Turns out the money only left my bank account into, well, nothing.

When this was discovered, my salary was adjusted without asking me. Turns out that I am now NOT eligible for the new toughly-NUJ-negotiated-pay-rise plus three month back pay
that everybody else will benefit from. Only because I was paid back my own money that was lost due to company incompetence in the first place.

If any NUJ staff reads this, please advise. Jeez.

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