Tuesday, 2 December 2008

I give consent

This is 8-week old puppy R-Jay, nervously glancing over towards the chief veterinary surgeon who is about to inject him with his vaccination. © Magnus Andersson

OK, so moaning (see previous post) about things doesn't help, maybe blogging will? I'll try and give you a post a day until I go on holiday on Saturday, maybe that can keep my mind busy instead.

Today I was down at the PDSA PetAid Hospital in New Cross. They provide free care to pets whose owners normally couldn't afford a vet.

Chief veterinary surgeon Paul inspecting an x-ray showing metal plates inserted into a dog's leg. © Magnus Andersson

The strange thing was that I wasn't allowed to photograph the dogs being operated on, for the simple reason that they hadn't signed the consent form. Ridiculous I thought, dogs can't sign it, let alone give their consent, right?

8-week old puppy R-Jay checking the fine print before signing his photo consent form. © Magnus Andersson

How wrong I was.

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