Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

A deserted editorial room on Christmas Eve, save for Steve the sub. © Magnus Andersson 2008

Its Christmas Eve and this morning I was the first one in the office, quite eerie to come in and find the place pitch black, having to locate the light switch which I've never done before - the light is usually switched on by someone else as I am very unlikely to get to work on time, let alone be first in.

Anyway working during Christmas has its benefits; a lot of pre-production has already been done (when I was on holiday actually), and we tend to finish quite a lot earlier in the day (aiming for 1pm today) and lastly, traffic is a joy - my commute is reduced by at least 50%.

A big thanks to all you readers as well, you really do come from far and away. As expected, the majority are from the UK (#37%), but only recently the US overtook Sweden in terms of readers. In an average month I get readers from about 25 different countries, but disappointingly, 43% of you still insist of using Internet Explorer. :) However, Mozilla is close behind on 37%, so I recommend all of you IE users to make the switch now. 17% are Mac users, I thought that would be higher actually, but perhaps my slight Mac bating has turned you away?

And I never bought the Nikon P6000 by the way....instead, as a treat for Christmas, I got myself the compact of the year - Panasonic DMC-LX3 - from which the picture above is taken with. All I can say is that it is awesome! Proper wide angle, fast lens, RAW shooting and a hotshoe. That's all I need for the festive period, so Merry Christmas to all of you and thanks for stopping by.


Dani said...

Hurray for Mac and Firefox users!

You have a cool christmas too Mag, hope to see you at some point not too far in 2009.

Stay Classy,


Mattias Johansson said...

Hej Magster!

Underbart! Du har köpt en LX3! Läckert, det är lätt den bästa kompakt jag har haft.
Men du, jag mår inte bra av att se en hel redaktion med bara PC-maskiner på bild så där, kan du inte ta bort bilden...Ha ha!
Ha det gott!