Thursday, 14 May 2009


Barack Obama © Nadav Kander/NYTM

A quick one, and no, its not about Obama look-a-likes. In case you don't already subscribe to British Journal of Photography's e-letter, here's a snippet from the latest issue, which features an interview with the superb photographer Nadav Kander on how he shot Obama's chosen few, just before the inauguration took place, and of course Obama himself, seen above. In fact, the above was shot during an interview Obama was giving to the NYT journalist, during which Nadav had zero time for a portrait. Quite a decent job, no?

You can find the all of the original photos that ran in New York Times Magazine here, along with another recorded interview with him and NYTM's director of photography, Kathy Ryan.

But don't you think that Obama's new 'Director Designate of the Office of Budget and Management' looks more than a little like the cartoon character Dilbert? I mean, check out the pens.

Dilbert vs. Peter R. Orszag

And how about (legendary British news presenter) Sir Trevor McDonald working for Obama?

Sir Trevor McDonald vs. James E. Clyburn

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