Monday, 18 May 2009

Photography Matters - live update II

Commander Broadhurst tries to answer photographer Michael Preston's (who had his arm broken by an officer) queries regarding training of officers. © Magnus Andersson

Right, the conference is actually drawing to a close, we are now in the final session for the day, but the previous session - concerning the changing legal landscape - was by far the most interesting, not to mention worrying - of the day.

Commander Robert Broadhurst, responsible for policing all public order events across the Metropolitan Police Force area, spoke of the difficulty officers are facing when policing events. However, when he questioned who actually gets a press card and then admitting that he is unaware of the vetting process behind it, it was literally a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A senior officer - invited by the press to speak on dealing with the press - displaying such a lack of knowledge led to a number of raised voices before - amongst many others - Marc Vallee and Michael Preston (who had his arm broken by police) asked some pertinent questions and tried to get reassurances that positive change actually will happen. See pictures above and below.

Photographer Marc Vallee (left) queries Commander Broadhurst. © Magnus Andersson

Met Police Commander Robert Broadhurst (centre) gives an unimpressive performance when questionedby Jeff Moore (R) on press card issues. © Magnus Andersson

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