Thursday, 15 July 2010

What does it mean?

A pair of Nike Air's up in the air in Deptford. © Magnus Andersson

I don't know what it means. You can see these sneakers thrown over telephone wires all over London and there are loads of urban myths about their significance but so far I haven't heard a credible one; gang territory, drug dealers spot, street art, someone died, the list goes on. Got any ideas? In Rotherhithe there's a large tree that is actually full of them and it all seems very mysterious to me, I'll see if I can find* a pic of that to update the post with.

On Monday I will go down to the PPY event at the National Theatre. I recommend all those in London to go and check out the exhibition, it runs from July 12 to September 19, a whole nine weeks. Last year it was seen by 250,000 people!

*Updated 25/7, below is the previously mentioned tree in Rotherhithe.

© Magnus Andersson


Paul Davis said...

I'm sure Confucius would have had something good to say about trainers on a wire. There are quite a few around here too and I've always been baffled

Paul Davis

Jallim Eudovic said...

Really Really,incredible pictures magnus< I'm in love with your

-Jallim Eudovic

Magster said...

Thanks Jallim, but your work is a LOT better than mine! :-D