Thursday, 1 July 2010

PPY 2010

London Mayor Boris Johnson tumbles into the Ravensbourne river during a photo call. © Magnus Andersson

You'll have to excuse me if its been a while since posting but I've taken time off work to care for a loved one who is in hospital. There is a lot of waiting involved so yesterday, as usual, I perused Twitter to pass some time. I noticed that the winners of The Press Photographers Year 2010 had been put online so I browsed through the winning entries.

To say that I was surprised when I saw my name and one of my pictures is an understatement! I had been one of the 'selected' (i.e. not a winner) in the News category, but I had no idea until that very moment, killing time in the hospital.

I had to do a double take. Usually local press photographers get short shrift when you go up against the international photojournalists, so I'm doubly pleased and honoured to have been selected. Massive congratulations to the overall winner; David Bebber of The Times!

The original blog post about the picture can be found here, and if you go the PPY website, it shows up as #81 of #119 in the 'slideshow' option.

Here's a previous post from the awards night of PPY 2008, when Daniel Berehulak scooped the big one.


Anonymous said...

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Magster said...

Hi Lily,
I've sent you an email.