Thursday, 4 June 2009

Rare animal spotted: water buffoon

London Mayor Boris Johnson tumbles into the Ravensbourne river during a photo call. © Magnus Andersson

London Mayor Boris Johnson was down in Bellingham this morning to promote volunteering, in this case helping to clean up local rivers. The gathered media were all issued with thigh-high waders as we proceeded to take pictures of Mr Johnson collecting various rubbish and weeds.

It was a little tricky wading around the river with a backpack and cameras round our necks, but things went swimmingly (sorry) and we all managed to get some nice close up shots. After a while though, we all agreed that it would be nice to have a shot of him on the long lens as well, just him and the river.

The problem was, Boris wasn't paying attention to us when we asked him to stay in one place, and before you know it, Boris stepped into a deep hole and down he went.

He was a sporting chap about the incident though, asking us if 'we'd got our shot now?' It will most likely be in all the papers tomorrow and I'm sure the headline writers will have some fun with it too...water buffoon, in too deep, sink or swim, etc etc.

Here's a clip from BBC showing the incident.

The person saying 'thank you' 23 seconds in? That'll be me.

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