Friday, 26 June 2009

Tech tip: The exposure to light stimulates the brain and creates a false alertness and stimulation

Portrait of Shlomo, human beatboxer and artist-in-residence at the Southbank Centre - where this was taken © Magnus Andersson

Its Friday night and I'm staying in. I'm absolutely knackered after working five days in a row, i.e. a normal working week, BUT you have to bear in mind the impact of having just got back from a week long holiday, and you can understand how taxing things can be when trying to adjust to normal working life.

The illness (sinus infection) that eventually came upon me during my holiday also means that I am still recovering, so it's a pleasant surprise to say that the week has actually flown by! Today I was hounding MP Tessa Jowell on two jobs within one hour, no time for lunch as per usual, but its fun to hang out with the people that run/ruin the country.

I think also I lucked out on not having to shoot another one of the days' assignments; the OAP* sports day. Surely that's a contradiction in terms, or am I just being ageist? Quite possibly it also had the best/funniest pictures of the day. Imagine capturing all those hip's breaking as they fall over during football? Hmm.

Enough of the week, I think you ought to read a few things, first of all Stephen Fry's blog on all things technical in everyday communication. I've read a few of his books and his prose is as good as his blog/tweets/columns. Here's a man who embraces new technology with gusto and he also slips in enough links to make it easy even for non-tweeters like me to understand.

Secondly, lifehacker is such an all-encompassing site of tech news and bizarre-yet-useful DIY projects that I always end up spending longer than I intended. How about this for how to sleep properly: one, two and three.

Thirdly, and you cant read this anywhere, but I am still waiting for Nikon to announce a D700/D3 (notice the preference) with HD video. My life would be complete. It would all fall into place and the four prime lenses that I've bought on eBay in the last month or so would come to perfect use. Nikon, when can we see proper HD video from you? This summer, please! We cant wait any longer, or we will - again - have to revert to Canon. I mean it.

Apart from this I am struggling to get myself a new iPhone 3Gs. I even keep dreaming about getting one. Apparently they are sold out at the moment.

*Old Age Pensioner, for you non-UK'ers

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