Saturday, 27 June 2009


Police line up in a weapons search on Bells Garden Estate, Peckham, in connection with Operation Blunt (Met's op against gang crime). © Magnus Andersson

Yes baby, we have gone big! After much googling on various blogger hacks, I found that the easiest way to make your photos appear bigger is simply a bit of HTML tinkering. Once you've drafted a post, click on edit HTML, then delete the width and height parameters of the image, and change s400 to s800. Voila, nice big pictures on your blog.

You will also have to adjust the header and main wrapper, mine is currently set at 950 and 750 respectively, and this is done via the layout adjustments, again in HTML. Here you can also adjust the sidebar and various other things, some experimentation is recommended, but for security purposes it might be better to create a separate blog and test in that before going live. Also, save your template before you start, that way you can always revert back to what you had.

Now I just have to manually go back and edit all the older posts, and this will take some time, so some of those will most likely appear small (normal) size for a while. But future posts should all be big baby, yeah!

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