Friday, 31 December 2010

Postcards from Sweden

Little Stina at her christening party. © Magnus Andersson

We went to my hometown Varberg, Sweden, for Christmas and had a wonderful time. It was -15C with clear blue skies. The hairs in our noses froze! Sadly the schedule was packed with social engagements and there was little camera time, but here's a few selections. The highlight was becoming god parents for little Stina (above), my brothers third daughter, cute as can be!

Fishing boat in a frozen harbour. © Magnus Andersson

Ice surrounding rocks in a frozen sea. © Magnus Andersson

Kallbadhuset, the bathing house which stays open no matter the weather. They just chop a hole in the ice when the sea freezes over. © Magnus Andersson

The view from Varberg's fortress. © Magnus Andersson

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