Tuesday, 21 July 2009


I had just finished packing up my gear into the boot of my car after a shoot when I saw the tail of a squirrel disappear down through the tiny hole of a Southwark council wheelie bin lid.

I thought 'we might have a picture here when it comes back up', so I unpacked my gear, waited for what felt like ages - I had to be at another place like five minutes ago - as always. I tried throwing pebbles at the bin and even shouting, but not too loudly, it was a built up area after all, in the middle of the day, no need to cause alarm...but to no avail, the squirrel was taking its time.

After 10 minutes of waiting aroound, the little critter finally re-surfaced again, looking suitably affronted having a big lens pointed at him/her, and I knew I had my picture. Perseverance prevails in photography, no doubt, as five of my pictures of this ran in today's paper.

Nuts, I tell ya, but it was wheelie fun.

Do you also refuse Southwark council? © Magnus Andersson

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