Saturday, 18 July 2009

Mobile blogging

Keyboard shot with the new iPhone 3Gs. © Magnus Andersson

So, you have got the new and amazing Apple iPhone 3Gs just like a lot of people, but you're still wondering how to post to Blogger on the go? And maybe you have tried logging in and found that you can only type in the words for the header of the post and then the tags, but you're still wondering how to type stuff in the main body of the post??? And trying to upload an image through the user interface doesn't work either.

I was flabbergasted when I realised that the brand spanking new iPhone wouldn't let me do live blogging with pictures, and the fact that blogspot hasn't yet released an iPhone app for the biggest blogging tool on the planet is just ridiculous. Seriously, what are you guys doing at work? Playing on your iPhone's?

There are some blog apps out there but they all have some flaws, so why pay when you can work around it for free?

Panoramic living room, stitched via the Panorama app from The iFone Guys. © Magnus Andersson

The way to approach this is two-pronged: start off by emailing the iPhone image to your blogger account. Here's a page telling you how to set that up. This will create the post.

Next you need to log in your blogger account, select the newly arrived post and start editing in HTML. If you try editing in compose mode, you'll find yourself limited to a title and tags only, but I suppose if you don't want a body of text, this fits the bill perfectly. That's it, you are done, welcome to blogging text and pictures together via the iPhone. Here's an earlier post on how I hacked blogger to make images appear much bigger.

Of course there will be some problems when you start adding multiple images, but a little HTML goes a long way, just tinker around for a bit and it will work. Everything else seems to work as it should, spell checker, hyperlinks, etc.

The only problem with mobile photo blogging on the iPhone is that you are stuck with the rather crappy camera, as witnessed in the two pic's above, so hopefully my next post will be more related to photojournalism rather than geeking your asses out on my latest toy. No promises though...

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