Thursday, 4 March 2010

The end is nigh

An angry motorist snaps (sorry) after being photographed by a Lambeth Council CCTV Enforcement vehicle, and starts photographing the two officers on his mobile phone, shouting: "If you can photograph me I can photograph you!" © Magnus Andersson

I think we all have had enough of Big Brother, and there might actually be an end in sight for the stupid use of 'Section 44 of the Anti terrorism Act' against terrorists photographers. Earlier today Lord Carlile of Berriew - the independent terror law reviewer for the Government - called for S44 to be scrapped, weeks after the European Court of Human Rights found it illegal, as BJP reports.

Good news indeed. More from the Evening Standard here, including this ominous Carlile quote: "Nothing fills my in-tray and in-box more than complaints on the use of Section 44."

When a law reviewer gets concerned about his inbox there must be a serious problem at hand. If S44 is scrapped, perhaps the police can go back to whatever they were doing before, i.e. catching camera wielding people criminals.

Here's a good read on the chances of being killed by terrorism (spoiler: 1-in-a-million chance for each person, about the same as the chance of flipping a coin 20 times and it coming up heads every time).

© Leon Neal/AFP

In other news, here is a fantastic blog post from the Winter Olympics in Vancouver by AFP photographer Leon Neal. Great read, lots of insight on covering such a huge event and stellar pictures too, especially the picture of one of the luge riders staring at the metal pillar which killed his team mate before the Olympics had even started. A very sad yet telling picture.

A lone girl is refreshing under the late monsoon rain in the impoverished Oriya Basti Colony in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India, near the former Union Carbide industrial complex. © Alex Masi

And finally, only last night I met up with my dear friend Alex Masi and it is good to see that his solid good work has been rewarded yet again, this time with a 2nd prize in the PGB awards. Big up!

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