Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sally McKay

Sketch of me while I was busy taking portraits of the artist. © Sally McKay

Isn't it funny how things turn out sometimes? Bored stiff at work, I have taken exactly zero pictures that are worthy of going on the blog. Planning ahead on personal projects becomes a salvation from the dross that I turn out every day at work. The reduction of staff in the newsroom has inevitably taken its toll on interesting jobs. Most days I mainly shoot school children or boring PR jobs for either the local council or a local company. No room for manoeuvre. Hence I'm pleased to announce that the above picture was neither taken by me nor made for PR purposes.

Artist Sally McKay. © Magnus Andersson

It is a picture drawn by artist Sally McKay as I was photographing her and it all came about when she confessed that she hated having her picture taken. As photographers we are acutely aware of this disposition - I for one am not very keen on being photographed. Anyway, the portraits were done in her studio in Charlton and she had a nice set of sketches on the wall that would make a nice backdrop so we got down to work, but Sally was very nervous and in a bid to stave off her self consciousness I suggested that she do what she does best - draw. And so she drew a sketch of me while I was moving around doing my job. Voila! Job done.

Artist Sally McKay. © Magnus Andersson

Later, after having seen the published article, Sally emailed me and said that I had snapped her looking relaxed and smiling - a feat that no photographer had managed before - and asked if she could use one of the images that I took for her website. I said of course, BUT only if I could have a copy of the fabulous sketch she created during our session. The rest is history.

But if you think that us creative types come for free, just have a look at this outrageous attempt of trying to to get professional pictures for nothing. The answer they get is truly what they the deserve (also the best cut'n'paste job I have ever seen)!

Like all photographers, I'm pretty sure that Sally and her fellow artists get the same ludicrous propositions, trying to get us to work for free.

You can read Sally's new blog here.

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