Friday, 4 September 2009

Perpignan day 3

Poster advertising the festival in Perpignan. © Magnus Andersson

Yesterday started off with an fromage et chantarelle omelette and a properly strong cup of coffee at a small cafe, before we collected our press accreditation at the Visa HQ. Inside we bumped into photographers Robert Henriksson and Martin vonKrogh , and proceeded to pick up the press pack, which later got stolen at Habana; luckily I had my LX3 in my pocket rather than the press bag...phew.

Next we checked out three exhibitions, one on Afghanistan, one on Congo and finally one on Obama. We then headed over to Palais des Congres where got to put our mitts on two new Canon's: 7D and G11.

Of the two the G11 is the most interesting, finally we see an end to the pixel mania, this one sporting only 10MP instead of 14MP as seen on it's predecessor; the G10. The reduction of pixels in favour of quality also reveals Canon effectively as having deceived all their customers up till now, quite happily leading the masses to believe it's only about mega pixels. Of course the other manufacturers are equally to blame, but at least they are now seeing sense.

After that we had our picture taken by Remy Cortin, right after he had photographed David Burnett. In the presence of a legend, we thought about making conversation and chickened out...anyway, there were lots of free rose wine to be had at Scanpix's party.

Right after that we headed over to Place de la Loge where Nikon tried to swoon us with more wine. That would have enough for any evening but instead we headed over to the main square and the massive 30-metre screen of slide show projections led by Jean-Francois Leroy. After that we headed to the main watering hole at La Poste and then danced at Habana and got home at around 4 or 5, no one is quite sure when...and we're still quite undecided about today, head hurts a bit.

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