Thursday, 17 September 2009

Shooting kids

Girl in a test shot for a class photo. © Magnus Andersson

During this week and the coming two we are planning to visit 97 (!) primary schools across south London for a supplement called First Class which we do every year. We line up the reception classes of each school and get a group shot, then we put it in the newspaper hoping that it will generate lots of photo sales.

Nothing new there, and for some photographers it might sound like a mundane task but its actually been great fun doing it this week. Tomorrow is my last day and on Monday its back to 'normal' photojournalism again.

As it is their first ever week in school some of the kids are a bit confused, some are scared, one got locked into the toilet so we had to re-shoot and I've even had two kids who just wouldn't stop crying for mummy...poor little things, imagine if they realised that they have several more years of school ahead!

The setup is very simple as you'll see in one of the shots below, but I also find the test shots strangely arresting, something about the colours and the symmetry and the lack of people, so here are a few examples of benches and chairs, sans children.

Tomorrow night I am heading down to the Frontline Club where there will be a panel discussion on citizen supplied photos and the impact it has on photojournalism. I am covering for my friend Alex Masi who is shortlisted in one of their competitions, and the winners will be revealed on the night. Sadly he cant make it as he is still in India, but I'll report back here later on.

All images © Magnus Andersson

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