Saturday, 5 September 2009

Perpignan day ???

Inside the photo agencies area. © Magnus Andersson

They say that you shall never blog whilst drunk, which usually is good advice, but I'm breaking the rule here tonight because time is of essence. Wifi is surprisingly hard to come by in Perpignan, mainly I get it here at the hotel so I have to be quick while it lasts.

We've just returned from a secret (and massive) Canon party at El Boca Boca courtesy of a special invite from Per Karlsson at Canon Sweden. Lets just say that we appreciated the VIP passes that granted us upstairs access and unlimited champagne! Merci Per!

Alas I am only serving up iPhone pictures so far as I didn't bring my laptop, but rest assured, there's plenty of good pix on my Lumix to come, in the meantime, check out Mattias' blog - he brought his Lumix AND his laptop!

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