Saturday, 5 September 2009

Perpignan day 4 - breakfast

Breakfast at Visa HQ; Hotel Pams. © Magnus Andersson

A quick snap from the luxurious breakfast at Hotel Pams this morning, consisting of a small baguette and some coffee in a plastic cup. They spoil us!

Today I have laid hands on the not-yet-released Leica M9; full frame and 18mp at 14-bit depth; yours for just over £5000...

I also bumped into Charly and he had some juicy Magnum gossip which I might have to tell you about at some point, but dinner beckons, and then the grand finale party!!!


Anonymous said...

Leica M9 is 16-bit nor 14-bit.

Give us a proof that you are not lying.

Magster said...

Simply passing on info, the proof will be out in three days, and it might well be 16-bit.