Sunday, 28 February 2010

The future

An orange-looking David Cameron at a photo call, launching their election campaign on education inside a Labour-built academy in Walworth. © Magnus Andersson

In mid-January I covered a photo call with Conservative leader David Cameron. They had just launched a poster campaign were he appeared heavily airbrushed and the Tories came in for a lot of criticism for it. Judging by his pigment tone on this occasion, he certainly appeared to have spent the morning in a sunbed or a spray booth, quite possibly both.

Almost immediately the spoof posters started turning up as well, I've included a couple of them in this post and you can find more of them over at

Spoof poster from

On that day, Cameron visited a newly built academy in Walworth and it was very cheeky of him to be standing there trying to take credit for a brilliant new school when it was all proposed and built under Labour initiatives. Same old Tories?

David seems to loose his concentration as Michael Gove, Shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, explains their educational pledge. © Magnus Andersson

There was quite a few photographers and journalists there on the day and on his walk around one of the agency photographers was assigned so I never got any shots of Cameron chatting to our local pupils, but in the reception I noticed BBC News political editor Nick Robinson having an argument with one of Cameron's press aides.

Orange on red; David delivers his educational pledge inside a Labour built academy. © Magnus Andersson

Apparently she didn't want to hear any questions about the proposal to give married couples a tax break. The Tories had first suggested it, then started backtracking when they realised they had no idea how this tax break would work, and now the press aide pleaded with Nick not to ask about it on their live interview in a few minutes. Her argument? It wasn't 'newsy' enough. Yeah right.

Nick Robinson, political editor at the BBC, points out that David Cameron doesn't really know what he is talking about now, is he? © Magnus Andersson

Around this time the Tories were almost 10% ahead in the polls. This weekends' poll shows that there are now only 2% (well within the margin of error) between Labour and the Tories and there has been much speculation that Gordon Brown is about to call a snap election.

Perhaps the airbrushed posters have backfired on the Conservatives? The future is always bright but the future might not be orange after all.

Another spoof poster from

Post amendment: here's what David said earlier today and it includes the poll figures I alluded to in this post.

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