Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Another blast from the past

A young and innocent Mattias sometime around 1993. © Martin Andersson

While scanning images from the previously mentioned book project, I came across this little gem of a picture of photographer & good friend Mattias Johansson. At first I didn't recognise him at all because this was on a roll of film which had the tail end of my book project on it, and I couldn't for the life of me remember taking this picture on that trip.

Then it dawned on me that I must have left the film in the camera, only for my brother to bring the camera on one of his and Mattias' trips, so my brother - Martin - is most likely the photographer in this case, because me and Mattias don't really hang out unless we are in the south of France.

I'd say that he is still a teenager there, about 18 years old and still unspoilt. Above we see him as an binocular-wearing young boy, but what I really want to know is: how did he become the bearded maniac photographer that he is today? Answers on a postcard, please.

Mattias wonders how he got here. Perpignan, 2009 © Magnus Andersson


Mattias Johansson said...

What the fu... it´s me, yeah I´m sure of it. Oh, thoose good old days. But what about that clothing? Is it even legal?

I reckon we dont see eachother tomorrow at the Swedish Picture of the year?

Magster said...

Dubious clothing, yes! Attending SPOTY: no. But we have Perpignan to look forward to, plus the naked pictures that my brother took of you, but if you dont want those pictures on the blog, you can pay me on my PayPal account. Your choice. ;)

Mattias Johansson said...

Ok, I have just payed you
$7500, I hope it´s enough?
Otherwise I have a rather good kidney left. What the hell, take that too, just don´t publish thoose pics, I just dont think the world i ready for such a monster di...