Sunday, 21 February 2010

One from the upcoming book

Young lovers embrace, Gotland, Sweden, ca 1992-3. © Magnus Andersson

Taken on a Konica Autoreflex II with a 35/2.0 attached, sometime during the summer of love, 1993. Possibly 1992 even. The light meter got busted on this trip, but it didnt matter, shooting from the hip and using the inside of film packages for reference, most of these shots are salvageable. Its been great fun looking at these old neg's and the contact sheets, and even more fun when you put them in the scanner, drawing out old gem's like the one above.

Two friends (both seen above) and myself went on a road trip, first by car and then by bike, from west to east and then back again. We were around 19-20 years old and had a total blast, freewheeling through festivals and camp sites, stopping wherever we felt like it.

This Konica kit was the first that I ever tried serious photography on and I am pleased that it is still in my possession. What is really nice is that it was purchased sometime around 1969-70, when my dad correctly guessed that a Brownie camera just wouldnt cut it when it came to producing good family snaps. Thank you, dad!

I started using it in 1987-88 and I also
used my dad's 6x6 fold-up camera, from when he was a teenager, but lets face it, even a Lomo looks better than the pictures from that old 6x6 (nameless) camera. The Konica was different and dad had got some nice glass for it too. I started buying 30m rolls of Tri-X and shooting to my hearts content. One or two rolls have gotten lost, but that's the nature of film, its not forever. Its more organic, it ages, literally breathes and finally expires. Cant say that I miss it all that much, but digital certainly lacks a certain something.

I'm hoping to publish this private project in the next few weeks and there will possibly be some more info here on this later, but regardless, m
uch thanks needs to go out to my designer Lucia Dehez who has put a lot of effort in on this project. Merci!

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Mattias Johansson said...

Shit vilken skön läsning. Underbart!
Det är så de skall vara, kännas!
Ha det gott Magnus!