Tuesday, 27 May 2008

70 minutes fo your life

Picture: David Hobby

This is ridiculous. I've just watched a clip on youtube and it was 70 minutes long. Normally I don't get too much joy out of that site, other than the odd 'loving' cat up for adoption, but this is fantastic stuff. Part of the Authors@Google series, where they film guest speakers and put it online, this time featuring a photographic legend; Joe McNally.

Check out Joe's blog here. He's also mentioned on Strobist, with a ridiculous looking flash set up, seen above. See more shots from that shoot on David Hobby's (aka Strobist) flickr page here.

I'm also enjoying my time off this week, sleeping late and watching entire seasons of good TV series such as Prison Break and The Wire. Very productive, I know.

Also planning a couple of trips, one to Brighton for some shopping and to look at the sea, and another to Oxford where they are exhibiting original Ansel Adams handmade prints. If you've ever seen one you will never forget it. He invented the zone system, you know. I used to read those books when I was much younger and it really made me understand photography a whole lot better.

Shockingly, a photographer I know - who shall remain nameless - hadn't heard about the zone system at all. I worry sometimes...

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