Thursday, 29 May 2008

Rainy day

As you know I am off work this week and enjoying it! Brighton yesterday was a success, I managed to burn a lot of money in exchange for food, clothes, CD's and stuff. Tomorrow we're off to see that Ansel Adams exhibition in Oxford that I've mentioned earlier. I think there's over 70 prints on show so it should be nothing short of amazing. Last day is June 1st for those who can make it.

But my plans for today went out the window. I was going to jump on the bike and get lost in the Lee Valley again, but the weather is quite wet so instead I've been having a one-man-workshop at home with various lighting setup's.

The above self portrait is a very simple one; just one SB-800 at 1/64th power hanging from a door frame via a super clamp pointing straight down, triggered by an SB-80DX on the camera. The bounce card was out on the SB-800 and I was very close to it, almost right underneath it in fact, hence the strong light fall off.

A bit tricky to frame as I was holding the camera myself; the bounce card kept cropping up in the top of the was shot at 1/250th, f13, ISO 200, so there's no ambient light. Post-processing: turned up contrast (low & high end cut slightly), desaturated & cropped it, touch of USM, that's it.

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