Wednesday, 21 May 2008

One of those days

I'm working as I'm typing this, waiting for downloads to finish. I started my first job in Greenwich at 09:00 and left my sixth job at 17:00. 1191 images in the can. Got home at 17:30 and started editing the only job that was for deadline, which took ages, a spread was needed. Now its 19:35, and the Champions League final kicks of in 10 minutes. I've got five more jobs to edit before bedtime, let alone kick-off. I haven't had a lunch break today. Bollocks.

On top of that I wanted to get some audio for the deadline job in order to turn it into a nice audio slide show. As soon as I turned on my mp3 recorder it flashed on the batteries, and then went dead.

Picture: Still got time to post this while I wait though; Kevin Boys, world famous blacksmith, hard at work earlier today. Nice fella too.

PS. Tomorrow I will have an eye test. I'm pretty sure its needed...

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