Monday, 5 May 2008

Some days are better than others

At the beginning of last week I kept thinking - and had been for a while - that I hadnt been on any interesting jobs for quite a while. Its all been: show up, arrange the people into a group shot and do the picture or; shoot general views of the police at a murder scene/accident spot or; in/exterior of a restaurant for a review etc, yada yada.

But towards the end of last week it all got better, I photographed Georgina Studd, a cerebral palsy sufferer in a wheelchair, but also one of the brightest sparks in this town. She is now also the youngest ever documentary film maker to be shown on Channel 4, and a complete joy to be around! (wonderful Q&A stuff here and here, and click on the "Watch" button to see her film here)

Then I got booked in to visit the studio of artist Ed Gray. I had the pleasure of spending a long photo session with him at his last exhibition in Camberwell last year, so going to his studio was amazing. He also speaks a tiny bit of Swedish which makes it kind of funny as well, but his Swedish wife probably wants him to learn a bit more. I'll be posting some stuff from his place once I have some audio to go with it.

As it happens on good days, his studio was only minutes from where I live, and it was a Friday, so I could go home and download in the safety of my own home, and without having to dodge the dreaded Friday rush hour.

So that's a good day in a PJ's life, and maybe one day I'll get to the bad bits.

Main picture: Two Brixton rappers; Frantic Frank and Logic aka Cigol, and FF's scary dog. I was glad to survive this shoot in a dodgy alleyway on this SW9 estate. Luckily it was raining hard outside (hence the lens flare top left) so nobody robbed me of my gear, but I did get quite scared when the dog tried to go for my throat. He had two of them in his flat. I said one would be enough for the photo.
btw, Logic's latest album is quite brilliant.


Mattias Johansson said...

Tjena Magnus,

Bilden på rapparna är riktigt skön, jag gillar ju linsöverstrålning starkt. Men du, hunden, ser den pålitlig ut?

Själv har jag hamnat i en svacka, trött på bildjournalistiken här i stan. Vi hade ju ett litet bombdrama här i stan, höll på i 6-7 timmar. Bostäder utrymdes och barnen låstes in i skolan. Vad hade vi för bild på ettan dagen efter? Kalmar FF-spelare!! Man blir ju trött.

Annars är all väl hoppas jag.

Magster said...

tjenare matte,
tack for komplimangen. jovisst forsokte hundjaveln bitas, som tur var hade han kort koppel pa den! tva stycken bestar hade han och vagrade svara vilken ras de var - formodligen olagliga...

later som pj klimatet i sverige ar lite daligt just nu, hur tankte de nar de lagger sport fore bomb drama?

din nya bil ser forresten schysst ut, kommer du till vbg nat i sommar med den eller? hade varit kul att prova varberg's raggen med den!

Mattias Johansson said...


Det klart vi kommer till Vbg med galaxien. Jag vet inte när, men det vore ju jäkligt kul om vi kunde träffas hos Fexmark och ta några öl. Fast då kan vi ju inte prova raggen förstås...Martin får köra va?

Magster said...