Sunday, 18 May 2008

Come for a walk

I've become slightly addicted to Soundslides, which is used to create the audio slide shows seen here and everywhere else. I don't know if its healthy, but when you are learning something new it can get quite exciting, hence another slide show in this post.

Anyway, yesterday I went for a long walk along the canals of east London today and they are both beautiful and ugly at the same time. There's old industrial estates, new developments - especially the Olympic sites - people fishing, sleeping, jogging, the closeness to nature which is rare in London, graffiti, rubbish, animals, you name it, its all there and I love it.

I've condensed my four hour walk (plus a few more hours editing...) into about 3.5 minutes for your viewing pleasure. You will get to see all of the above mentioned plus of course Mr Spider. Take a look here.

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