Thursday, 12 February 2009

Al Qaeda post

Kids playing in the snow, how innoncent, no? © Magnus Andersson

Ha ha, you police officers are sooo funny. This particular officer was [illegally] forcing a journalist to delete photos of his (dare I say) fully clothed children playing in the SNOW! This says more about this stupid copper than anything else. At least the copper permitted his kids to wear clothes whilst in the snow.

Actually, most police officers that I've met through work are decent, but the one's that give you trouble lack not only judgement, but also proper education and common sense. That's a fact, not merely based on chance encounters. Regular readers will know, sadly.

The number of intelligent officers that I've met can be counted on one hand. They are either CID already, or they have gone private: i.e. been promoted to investigations or are working a security detail somewhere, because as we all know, having a reliable police force in the UK is not really a priority.

Different country, I know, but as Ice Cube, Dr Dre, MC Ren and the late Eazy-E so eloquently put it: Fuck tha police!

The above picture could have made me a criminal, providing the insufficient uneducated off-duty officer would have been at hand, with his winter clad kids. What are the chances??!!?!

To get involved, check this out, and go here on Monday, if you happen to be in the UK. I am sadly working but my colleague Rob Logan has taken a day off work and will be exercising OUR legal right in shooting police officers - via camera - until he drops (or gets arrested/handcuffed/assaulted/shot). Go Rob!

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