Monday, 23 February 2009

A bit harsh?

Last week in Balham: a police officer on his way to ask me not to photograph...the friend of a victim who got hit by a train - fair enough. © Magnus Andersson

I might have been a bit harsh in my language in the previous post on the police, of course not all police are bad, but there is a certain kind, and those were the intended target. Anyway, my colleague Hannah was recently handcuffed and led away from a crime scene and initiated a police complaint. The police wondered if it would be better if she came in and gave their new recruits a little talk on what its like from our side. Great idea! She was down there today, I haven't had time to hear back from her yet, but dialogue usually sorts most problems.

The view from the 20th floor in Draper House. © Magnus Andersson

The other day I had to walk 20 flights of stairs up a tower block where the lifts had broken down over 40 times in the last two months. I must say I was pretty knackered with a full kit on my back and the flash kit in my hand - I had to stop three times on the way up - but imagine the elderly, or those with little kids in buggies..?!? Prisoners in their own homes.

The view was nice as the sun was setting though...and for those of you who understand Swedish, check this post out from India based Swedish tog Martin von Krogh, hilarious account on how we PJ's scorn the sunset shot, but secretly make lots of money from them! If you don't understand Swedish, let Google translate it for you, well worth it.

Now I'm off to see Fleet Foxes at The Roundhouse in Camden!

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